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HOW DO YOU WANT TO LIVE? Homeowner Inspired Homes! Oasis Custom Homes is inspired by what makes our homeowners happy as a snug bug in a rug. We want to sit down with you and understand what kind of home you need. We are the winning team with one goal in mind: happy homeowners. Oasis Custom Homes works hard to come up with thrilling, well thought-out improvements. Do you ever wish you could be the car manufacturer who built in that extra cup holder — or the designer who thought to sew in real pockets on your jogging jeans? Here at Oasis Custom Homes, we think ahead to build what you will need in your new home. We don't want you to have to say, "I wish someone would have thought of that!". We have taken the time to fix potential problems so that your house is built so you can live the way you want to. Visit CreateAnOasis.com to learn more about our homes, the communities we are building in and our Oasis Team.